About the Author

From an early age, Sharon knew there was something greater than she could imagine. Something wonderful and beyond her sight. Something that loved unconditionally, and that love is always with us.

With her family grown and seeing her grandchildren have children, Sharon felt an urge to write what she knew to be true. We are all to share God’s word and bring others to know Jesus Christ. For if we love one another, we will strive to bring others to His glory. We are to share the news that He is alive, today, yesterday and tomorrow and speaks to us in many ways.

Sharon had the opportunity to serve as a Stephens Minister and studied Theology at Indianapolis University. She currently teaches bible studies and became interested in volunteering with hospitalized inpatients and Hospice service. Unaware that by volunteering she would find others that shared her joy and her rewards were priceless.
Life has its challenges. So, Sharon’s wish is that this book might bring comfort whenever the path you’ve chosen is hard to travel. May God guide you during this unsettling time.

Sharon Williams-Wade